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The Soloists:

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I am one of the 5 Directors of The Soloists. My main roles included guiding and supporting the team, providing a leadership role due to my previous experience in directing and creating a 3D animated student short film. I had a heavy hand in the Art Direction, Story and Technical areas of the pipeline. My main asset task was as Lead Character Designer (and I sculpted/modeled two of the ladies) while also guiding the final output and look of the character rigs (with focus on Blendshapes) and animation (providing corrective Blendshapes to reach a professional finish). I also created the Lighting Script, guiding the storytelling and look through lights - and I lit most of the interiors of the film. 

Making The Soloists was an incredible experience, and solidified my love for leading and pulling talented people together to create awe-inspiring work in animation. 

Character Design and Exploration:

Character Sculpting, Modeling and Blendshapes:

Lighting through Story:

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Awards and Nominations: